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I am Xandy. Reading a book is not my past time, I make time for it. My To-Read folder is overflowing. And I am always battling with my Currently-Reading folder. 

I fell in love with reading ever since time memorial. A good book is a book I will read very slowly just to get every detail; a book that will always be reread; a book with no stupid characters; a book that will make me cry, whine, shout as if I was actually in it; and a book that makes me feel like or be a better person. :D

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Inferno - Dan Brown Oh, it's been such nostalgic reading. I've read Dan Brown's Robert Langdon: Lost Symbol and watched the first two movies. And, wow, I just miss all the mystery, twists, and thrill that revolves around the story. And it fascinates me that Mr. Brown, though expected of the twists, had not made the plot too obvious, and just like in The Lost Symbol, everything has happened again, as written in the hundreds of pages, only in a short time. Though, it's been like a 'day' for Inferno while The Lost Symbol happened only 'overnight'. Nuff with the comparison and off with Inferno. Well, I actually have known Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy and was actually fascinated by it. Mr. Brown had intricately collaborated a lot of points. While reading through, I was actually trying to uncover some puzzles in the story yet it went really twisting. But it kept me hyped through it all. The book was really moving, I, admittedly, had ponder on the idea of transhumanisms. But my morals kept me sane though. Inferno has also paved the way to my interests on Michaelangelo's works and of the other artists. Oh, I was about to forget how Manila has been portrayed in the book. Though, no hard feelings at all. My country's govt should have taken the account as an eye opener or something like that. Though it's fictional work, everyone knows it's quite reality. As Sienna would describe it, in DENIAL. :)