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I am Xandy. Reading a book is not my past time, I make time for it. My To-Read folder is overflowing. And I am always battling with my Currently-Reading folder. 

I fell in love with reading ever since time memorial. A good book is a book I will read very slowly just to get every detail; a book that will always be reread; a book with no stupid characters; a book that will make me cry, whine, shout as if I was actually in it; and a book that makes me feel like or be a better person. :D

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Pulse Of Heroes
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Mine Till Midnight - Lisa Kleypas The characters are very endearing, and I have to say the novel's quite passionate. Cam Rohan was charming and alluring. The story was set during the 18th and I was actually having fun reading with the quirks of Amelia and the nuances of Cam. A good love story with a a pang of aggresiveness as it seemed. Captivating, overall, I can say. No dull moments at all. :)