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I am Xandy. Reading a book is not my past time, I make time for it. My To-Read folder is overflowing. And I am always battling with my Currently-Reading folder. 

I fell in love with reading ever since time memorial. A good book is a book I will read very slowly just to get every detail; a book that will always be reread; a book with no stupid characters; a book that will make me cry, whine, shout as if I was actually in it; and a book that makes me feel like or be a better person. :D

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Well. I don't like single pov books. Reed is fine at first but damn, I am so Team Russell. Reed surely gave sparks at first but he and Evie gets to be too clingy and I hate that. The tory reminds me of Hush Hush but Patch is never like Reed. Evie is too fragile as depicted. The story's main flaw is that Evie easily adjusted when the 'bomb' was dropped. And Reed seems to like Evie around just because she does not bore him. I survived reading until the end hoping that she will be with Reed. Ah. Reading the next books would not be a sure thing.